We've set up a camera on top of the Clal Building, so now you can see (a small part of) the view of downtown Jerusalem that you would see if you were up in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower right now!

Due to technical issues, the image only changes once a minute, so don't count on using it to track down that taxi cab.

Due to severe technical issues, the webcamera is no longer working. We want to get a replacement up as soon as we can, but currently we simply do not know when that will happen. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Lat/Long: 31°47'4.25"N, 35°12'53.50"E

View along Jaffa St. in downtown Jerusalem, looking south-east towars the Old City and Mt. of Olives.
Here's an explanation of what you can see… at least, what you can see when it's daytime over here.