Proclaiming Yeshua

Listen to David Brickner, the International Director of Jews for Jesus, as he shares about the true purpose of life, being prepared to proclaim Yeshua and the Gospel in all situations.

Note: At 10 minutes, 55 seconds into his sermon, David Brickner showed a video clip of excerpts of an interview he had on Larry King Live. You can watch this video clip from Mr. Brickner’s page on the Jews for Jesus website.

The Song of Moses

What is “informing theology”? Why is it an important part of your spiritual armour against end-time deception? And what does Exodus 15 have to do with all of this?

Listen to Chuck Cohen as he challenges believers to have a theology that encompasses the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

Where Are Your Disciples?

The primary work of the kingdom is making disciples (Matt 28:19), however most believers neither have mentors nor do they mentor. Yeshua could have had the biggest ministry ever in regards to numbers and yet He chose to spend most of His time investing in the spiritual growth of twelve men. It worked for Him as those men went on to shake the known world and disciple many others, like Stephen and Phillip. Maybe we can learn something from His method.

Bearing More Fruit

We were appointed and ordained to bear fruit. Pastor Wayne explains what kind of fruit we’re supposed to grow, and gives us practical ways in which to increase our fruitfulness.

God’s Lines or the Headlines?

Using the unbiblical Gaza Withdrawal plan as the most current example, Chuck Cohen explains on how to intercede for any situation - regardless of how helpless it looks. God is waiting and seeking for intercessors to remind Him of His word. Will His watchmen rise up to the challenge, or will they become discouraged because of all that is happening in the world today that seems to be against God’s will?

A House of Prayer for All Nations

Pastor Wayne Hilsden speaks from Isaiah 56:1-7 of our call to reach out with God’s eternal plan of redemption for all - both Jews and Gentiles. We are equal in His sight and equally in need of salvation.