Back 2 Acts II: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

As we begin a new series here at King of Kings based on Acts chapter 2, join Hudson Hilsden, father of pastor Wayne Hilsden, as he shares about speaking in tongues and being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Gems from Genesis

This week during Simchat Torah, Jews in synagogues around the world will roll their scrolls all the way back to the beginning of the Bible, to commence anew the annual reading of the Torah, the first five books of Moses. The first portion of Genesis is filled with a wealth of passages that we’ve probably read many times, but never really investigated in-depth. Listen in as Chuck Cohen brings forth numerous “gems” from Genesis chapters 1-6.

Yeshua Is In The House

Messiah Yeshua came 2000 years ago, died for our sins, arose from the dead and ascended to heaven, but that is not the end of the story. He is with us - here and now! Why does the body of believers today not have more faith in the wondrous works of the Risen Lord?

Great Things Come In Small Groups

As we move into a new season of focus on small groups, community, and discipleship, listen as Pastor Wayne shares on the importance of such relationships in the Body of the Messiah.

Free Indeed!

The Year of Jubilee has been declared. The captives are set free. Yeshua is leading us to the front lines. A hope for Israel and the Nations.

How To Succeed, No Sweat

Success in the Kingdom of God is quite different from success in the world. Listen as Pastor Wayne Hilsden explores the Biblical principles we need to pursue in order to achieve success in the eyes of the Lord.

The Love of God

Pastor Wayne shares on the infinite love of God the Father towards us, His children.

How To React To Attack

When the enemy has us under attack, what is to be our response? Listen as guest speaker Peter Hirsch presents us with the example of King Hezekiah and his reaction to the threats of Sennacherib, king of Assyria.

Restoring the Manifest Presence of God

Tisha B’av is the Jewish day of mourning, in which Jews worldwide commemorate the multiple tragedies that have occurred to them throughout history on this day, the primary event being the destruction of the Temple. Can the Body of Messiah afford not to mourn along with the Jewish People on this day? Are our lives right with God, or are we allowing sin to go unconfessed and unrepented?

Building a Temple for His Presence

Pastor Wayne shares with us from the book of Ezra concerning the rebuilding of the temple and the city of Jerusalem, and parallels the call that God has given King of Kings to do its part in building both a spiritual and physical tabernacle of His presence.

To That Great City?

Taking the example of Jonah, listen as Rick Hilsden speaks on Gods calling on our lives. Will we run in the opposite direction, as did Jonah, or will we go to Nineveh, and rejoice as whole cities repent?


Pastor Wayne shares this week on patience. There are 3 aspects of patience: forbearance, long-suffering, and perseverance. Each of these we need as we work for the Lord in Israel in these latter days.