The Love of God

Pastor Wayne shares on the infinite love of God the Father towards us, His children.

How To React To Attack

When the enemy has us under attack, what is to be our response? Listen as guest speaker Peter Hirsch presents us with the example of King Hezekiah and his reaction to the threats of Sennacherib, king of Assyria.

Restoring the Manifest Presence of God

Tisha B’av is the Jewish day of mourning, in which Jews worldwide commemorate the multiple tragedies that have occurred to them throughout history on this day, the primary event being the destruction of the Temple. Can the Body of Messiah afford not to mourn along with the Jewish People on this day? Are our lives right with God, or are we allowing sin to go unconfessed and unrepented?

Building a Temple for His Presence

Pastor Wayne shares with us from the book of Ezra concerning the rebuilding of the temple and the city of Jerusalem, and parallels the call that God has given King of Kings to do its part in building both a spiritual and physical tabernacle of His presence.

To That Great City?

Taking the example of Jonah, listen as Rick Hilsden speaks on Gods calling on our lives. Will we run in the opposite direction, as did Jonah, or will we go to Nineveh, and rejoice as whole cities repent?


Pastor Wayne shares this week on patience. There are 3 aspects of patience: forbearance, long-suffering, and perseverance. Each of these we need as we work for the Lord in Israel in these latter days.

Controlling The Tongue

Pastor Wayne shares this week on the subject of controlling your tongue. “The tongue is the most unruly member of the body,” James says, but with God’s power, we can bring it under control and it can be used for His glory.

Hungering Your Way To Freedom

Why do believers come so strongly into the kingdom only to settle for a average life with Yeshua? God has so much more for us. The book of Acts is our example. Breaking free of this trap begins with intense hunger to change. From there we cry out to God for a fresh immersion of His love, power, passion and boldness.

Controlling Your Sex Drive

In the hedonistic world we live in, we desperately need God’s help to maintain a life of sexual purity. Pastor Wayne deals with this delicate subject by looking at the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. Listen and learn some essential keys for overcoming sexual temptation.

One Jerusalem, One Body - Part 2

This week Pastor Wayne presents part 2 of his message, “One Jerusalem, One body.” The message comes on the eve of the “Day of Pentecost” (Shavuot) on the Hebrew Calendar. The disciples were waiting in Jerusalem for the “promise of the Father” (the baptism of the Holy Spirit) “with one accord.” Pastor Wayne shows how their unity prepared and primed them for the outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost and that similar unity is required today to have a fresh outpouring.

One Jerusalem, One Body - Part 1

Pastor Wayne shares part one of his two-part message on creating a city-wide church. What is the the vision? One body in Jerusalem in which all congregations and ministries work together in harmony for the common goal of transforming Jerusalem by the power of the gospel.

Proclaiming Yeshua

Listen to David Brickner, the International Director of Jews for Jesus, as he shares about the true purpose of life, being prepared to proclaim Yeshua and the Gospel in all situations.

Note: At 10 minutes, 55 seconds into his sermon, David Brickner showed a video clip of excerpts of an interview he had on Larry King Live. You can watch this video clip from Mr. Brickner’s page on the Jews for Jesus website.