Once, One Time, For All

Sr. Pastor Wayne Hilsden speaks about the ultimate atonement that was provided for us when God sent His Son.

Equipping The Saints

Sr. Pastor Wayne Hilsden discusses the importance of equipping the saints based on Ephesians 4.

Destroying High Places

Higher is better in the Devil’s eyes, but God calls us to humble ourselves and let Him glorify us.

The Renewed Covenant - Part 1

Pastor Wayne explores the meaning of “new” or “renewed” covenant as it pertains to the Hebrew Scriptures, specifically in Jeremiah 31. Is Christianity a “New” covenant or simply a renewal of what God presented to his people in all of the previous covenants? Come and explore this question with us.

Reading the Signs: God’s Heart and Promises for Israel

Pastor Wayne admits Israel’s faults, but claims the promises that God has set aside for Israel, and expounds on the signs of the times and the miracle of Aliyah, and how God must bring about a physical re-grouping before the spiritual renewal can take place.

Corrie Remembers

Susan Sandager Presents the story of Corrie Ten Boom in this beautiful one woman re-enactment.  Come get lost in time and listen to the story of one of the “righteous among the nations”, who sacrificed everything for her love for God and God’s chosen people, the Jews.