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Suffering Loss

What do we do when we suffer a loss?

Called to suffer

Ron speaks about the Christian life and a call to suffering like Paul

Prayer and Faith

Oded Shoshani speaks on persevering in prayer and exercising faith, in our relationship and communion with God.

A History of the Holy Spirit - Part II

In Part II of his series on the History of the Holy Spirit, Ron Cantor shares from the experience for several men of God who shook with world. Charles Finney, D. L. Moody, R. A. Torrey and William Seymour each tell of their dramatic empowering from the Holy Spirit and how it changed their ministry. However the testimony that may surprise many people was that of Billy Graham who shares of a powerful baptism in the Holy Spirit that changed his preaching ministry forever.

A History of the Holy Spirit - Part I

Ron Cantor shows from the scriptures our need to be immersed in power from on high in order to be effective in ministry. The disciples received the Holy Spirit in John 20:22 and yet they had another experience with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. And then in Acts, they were filled once again. We should never be satisfied but like the disciples, continue to come back to the Lord again and again to be filled.

This is a Test.  This is only a Test

What happens when you squeeze a ketchup bottle? Ketchup comes out. What happens when i believer is squeezed? Hopefully the fruit of the Spirit comes out. James tells us to rejoice in the midst of trails because the trials produce endurance, perseverance and patience. Trials are often a barometer of how we are doing in terms of developing spiritual maturity. They are serve to strengthen us for the future.