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Corrie Remembers

Susan Sandager Presents the story of Corrie Ten Boom in this beautiful one woman re-enactment.  Come get lost in time and listen to the story of one of the “righteous among the nations”, who sacrificed everything for her love for God and God’s chosen people, the Jews.

Enjoying the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living

Mylon LeFevre talks about living a life after G-d’s own heart, and G-d’s desire for us to live not only for heaven, but also to enjoy the world that he created for us.  We have the power of Choice whether or not to CHOOSE him or not; whether or not to live for him or not;  whether or not to pursue righteousness or life of self indulgence.

Picking up your Cross

Reuven teaches on the beauty of the Christian walk as Yeshua asks us not only to pick up our cross, but also sometimes to lay it down and get on it.  Are we going to obey God, stay on the cross, and let our flesh be crucified with Messiah, or will our own wills prevail?

The Cosmopolitan Gospel: A new Perspective on David

Jeffrey Seif explores the cosmopolitan nature of the Scriptures and G-d’s heart to reach the ends of the earth.  He explores the importance of the Jewish people in the eyes of G-d as well as the significant role of the nations around Israel, specifically mentioning the relationship between the Arabs and Jews throughout scripture.

Y’shua is Jewish

Geoffry Cohen tells his story of how he, as an orthodox Jew living in South Africa, came to the realization that Jesus, Y’shua, was the Jewish Messiah.  He tells his compelling story and supernatural encounter with Y’shua in the streets of Jerusalem.