The End Time Shakings

Joel teaches on coming shakings that are to occur in the End Times—the Days of Noah—as referred to in the books of Haggai, Joel, Jonah, and Revelations.

The Eternal Message

Geoffrey Cohen teaches on the eternal message of salvation through Yeshua, for both the Jews and the Gentiles.

The Earth is the Lord’s

Pastor Cantelon preaches on the advantages of living a lifestyle of Generosity, and giving to God the firstfruits of your income.

Red Alert: The Master is Coming - Part 5

Pastor Wayne completes his series on the end times calling the Church to be ready for Yeshua’s return, and proclaiming the significance of the Jewish people in end times events.

The Heart & Soul of Prayer

Pastor Wayne takes a look at what it means to live a lifestyle of prayer as modeled by Paul in Philippians 1:1-7.  Gratitude to God in prayer leads to a joy filled life.

The Voice of the Bridegroom

Reuven teaches on the importance of having a listening ear for the voice of God as compared to a bondservant whose ear is pierced as a reminder to heed the voice of the master.  If you have had a broken connection with God, there is always a way back to reconnect.

Conspiracy Theories Vs God’s Plan

Rabbi Lawrence Hirsch tells the story of Purim and draws 3 lessons on what we can learn and apply to our lives today as we trust in God’s care, protection, and provision.