Thy Kingdom Come - God’s Calling To Israel

Dr Soref expounds on Israel’s National calling as fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant. He teaches about the progression of Israel’s spiritual and social situation currently, and how it relates to God’s promises concerning Israel. 

Creating a Counter Culture Community for the Last Days

We are to love what God loves and God loves the Church! Pastor Wayne takes a look at the mega-trends we see today in the world and in the church and how we as the body of Christ can build the community God intended; the community that rejects the trends of this world and embraces His Love and Life.

Entering His Rest

Reuven speaks about resting in the presence of God and explains the difference between leisure time and simply enjoying God in his creation and what He has for us.

Kiss the Son

Pastor Wayne Hilsden talks from Psalm 2 about spiritual forces and how they effect God’s purposes.