Persecution Will Happen - Part 2

Pastor Kurt continuous the series on the book of Thessalonians. Persecution was happening to the believers in Thessaloniki and we know that it will happen to us as believers and it is happening in our own generation. Pastor Kurt concludes the sermon of hows as believers in Yeshua do we handle Persecution.

Boldness to Enjoy My Life

Pastor John teaches on the topic of personal joy as God created us to enjoy our lives through Him. He encourages us to take a step of faith and boldness as we have been made righteous by Yeshua and in so doing live out that enjoyment to the glory of God.

Transforming Culture - Part 7

In the final message of the series building kingdom culture, Pastor Chad takes a look at the culture in Yeshua's day, for those who are called to disconnect from a culture, to those who called to connect with a culture to transform the culture from within. Pastor Chad then connects the message to the vision and mission of King of Kings Community Jerusalem.