Authority Is Given

When change happens in an area of our life and we are moved by God to the next area, it comes with new authority. That authority is given by God and cannot be taken. Pastor Chad elaborates on this theme of change in the series "Changing for the Better". Preceding this sermon is the dedication of Pastor Chad Holland as he is handed the reins of Senior Pastor by Pastor Wayne Hilsden.

When God Shows Up: The Presence of God

Ray teaches about the presence of God in our lives by looking at the Ark of the Covenant as described in the old testament. What made the ark significant was that God presence was with it affecting the environment around it.

Facing Goliath

Dr. Brown ministers on how to hold your ground in an arena where the body of Yeshua in the west is facing increased intimidation to abandon the principles of the bible in favor principles of the world. He reminds us to love the people and hate the sin in our day to day battle against this spiritual enemy.