Endure to the End!

Women's Conference, 4-5 November, 2010

One of the amazing things about this women's conference was how the worship times and messages supported and dovetailed into one another.  Our three speakers from the USA and five from within Israel were as one voice with words from God woven into a strong tapestry of encouragement, conviction, and a calling to fulfill our prophetic destinies.  Most of the speakers have walked closely with God for decades; they shared great revelation and insights from God's Word and much wisdom of experience. Someone affectionately called this conference, "The Conference of the Gray Hairs!"

A few of the speakers used Yeshua's mother, Mary, as their example of obedience, prophetic destiny, and humility.  Mary was willing to say yes to the Lord; that "yes" changed her life forever!  It unveiled and revealed her identity, putting into motion her destiny. Obedience is the key for God's favor to be released. It opens the door to revelation. Like Mary, we need to be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and impregnated with His purposes.

Some of the messages focused on the trial of faith, overcoming through grief, and on believing God when promises are not fulfilled quickly.  It was pointed out from Matthew 17, that when we are in the valley, there is a Man in the Glory Who will never fail us!  To please God, we must stay strong in faith (Hebrews 11)! We need to develop a strategy for seeking God and for getting His Word into us through study, memorization, and meditation.

Here are some of the powerful statements that were made by speakers:

Trust that what God said will come to pass. Faith brings us to the approval of God.

Believing is more important than getting the answer!  God loves faith!

God will always call you to a higher place where your dependency is always on Him.

We need to settle the past so that it does not sabotage the future.

See problems as opportunities for growth rather than merely as a drain.

We are crafted into the image of the destructions in our lives if we do not yield to the Lord in the midst of our crises and receive His healing.  We cannot control what happens to us, but we can see our circumstances as opportunities for growth.

There is a big difference between carrying the cross and embracing the cross!

In solitude God does a deep work of grace in us. Press into God until His imprint is impressed into you.  One of the weapons of our warfare is to sit quietly in God's presence.

Worship fumigates the atmosphere and confuses the enemy; negative speaking strengthens demonic powers.  It is the food for demonic activity.

We are to be people of His presence.  (Exodus 25:8) We carry God's glory, and His presence should be our distinguishing trait. Be known for thirsting and hungering for God's presence. "Yeshua, ruin me for the ordinary through encounters with You!"

The Lord doesn't have favorites; we determine our level of intimacy with God.

When God calls you, the appropriate response is always, "Here am I."

God wants us to be (1) envisioned to see His will and to know His strategy, (2) equipped with compassion, ministry skills and spiritual gifts, and (3) empowered by His Holy Spirit.  We need a baptism of joy and a revelation of His love!

God: "I am looking for women I can trust with My purposes." Our response, "Lord, do whatever You have to do to make me trustworthy with Your purposes for this hour." If we will be submissive in our preparation time (with no complaining!), we will be favored in our promotion time.

Audio CDs are available through the Pavilion Media Book and Gift Shop.

The second regional women's conference is being held in Haifa (Isfiya), 18-19 November at Carmel Assembly.  The line-up of speakers is almost identical.  All women are welcome.