Life of Surrender - Part 9 of 'New Covenant Life'

Concluding our New Covenant Life series Pastor Chad tackles the tough mindset of giving over our plans to what God has in store us.

Work Together for Good

Conspiracy Theories Vs God’s Plan

Rabbi Lawrence Hirsch tells the story of Purim and draws 3 lessons on what we can learn and apply to our lives today as we trust in God’s care, protection, and provision.

Deferred Hope

Reuven talks about how to find hope in the most difficult situations.

Very Much Right Here

The Lord is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear... Psalm 46:1 This psalm, as you can imagine, is one of our anthems, here in the land of Israel. But "ever-present" is a feeble translation. The usual Hebrew word for "presence" isn't used here.…

The Yehudiya Challenge - 2

One spring day our family hiked the beautiful Yehudiya gorge. I've already told you about this place where a bubbling brook, rocks, trees and flowers greet the senses in an exhilarating way. Our youngest son, Michael was then ten years old, and had plenty of spunk to keep up with…

Beauty for Ashes

God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in trouble were the first words of scripture read to a capacity filled auditorium and balcony at the Christian Missionary Alliance Church gathering for prayer over the ashes of recent fire in their building.


If you have read my account of the wedding-hall collapse in Jerusalem, you already know "what is Pal-Kal." In the early 1980's someone (who is now in prison) developed a flooring method much lighter in weight than the traditional heavy flooring that separated stories in tall buildings. Soon engineers deemed…

The Tree that Overcame

Only once in my memory did we have a real snowstorm in Jerusalem.  It lasted almost a week and over a third of Jerusalem's trees were destroyed.  We still have a video of that!  Large branches fell on and crushed cars.  Power lines were broken from…

Suffering Loss

What do we do when we suffer a loss?