Work Together for Good

Get Over It - Part 2

Pastor Wayne dives into the conflict of David’s life with his son Absalom, and brings 3 key points we can learn and apply to our lives from how David responded with forgiveness.

Get Over It - Part 1

Pastor Wayne begins his 2-part message on the humble life of David, and his example of confessing his sins, and asking for mercy, in order to overcome the trials and consequences he faced to fulfill the calling God placed on his life.

Yom Kippur: Once and for All

We are about to commemorate Yom Kippur. Why is this day so important on the Hebrew calender and does it still have relevance to the followers of Yeshua? Yom Kippur reminds us that God is a HOLY God. Isaiah 59:1ff tells us that our sins are so loathesome to God's…

Overturning Resentment

In our early years in Jerusalem we lived in a neighborhood enclosed within a low stone wall, iron fence and gates, with a courtyard in the middle. Here the kids would play and neighbors would mingle. But one neighbor tended to blame our boys for all the litter, the damage,…

Corrie Remembers

Susan Sandager Presents the story of Corrie Ten Boom in this beautiful one woman re-enactment.  Come get lost in time and listen to the story of one of the “righteous among the nations”, who sacrificed everything for her love for God and God’s chosen people, the Jews.

Life Lesson from a Giloh Man

It’s Not Fair!

A message on God’s mercy.

Freedom from Shame

Who’s the Boss?