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Roots of Romans: Sin - Part 4

Pastor Mike Hayes from Covenant Church teaches a powerful message on the weigh of sin and the power of God's overcoming mercy.

Fig Leaves

Just a few steps down from our home there are a couple of large fig trees, in our neighbor's garden. In five years, those trees have grown to an enormous size, giving shade and delicious fruit. The leaves are large. A fig leaf can grow to over a foot wide.…

Yom Kippur: Once and for All

We are about to commemorate Yom Kippur. Why is this day so important on the Hebrew calender and does it still have relevance to the followers of Yeshua? Yom Kippur reminds us that God is a HOLY God. Isaiah 59:1ff tells us that our sins are so loathesome to God's…

“In the beginning”

From judgement to praise

Wayne preaches on Yom Kippur and the progress from judgement to praise after having our sins covered by the blood of Yeshua

The Seed of Redemption

Wayne preaches the second message in the series “Yeshua revealed in the Hebrew scriptures”

Running The Race Of Endurance

Ron speaks on knowing how to pace yourself in your spiritual race and to never give up.

Life Lesson from a Giloh Man

Nourishment for Your Soul

The Word of God is food for our soul. So why don't we partake as much has we should. Psalm 1 tells us that the man who lives in God's word will prosper in all things.

Freedom from Shame