The Great Intercessor - Part 6 of Prayer & Fasting 2016

Getting to the heart of what it means to be a pure and well intentioned intercessor!

How Yeshua Prayed - Part 4 of Prayer & Fasting 2016

Getting to the heart and basics of our faith threw the aspect of Yeshua's prayer life!

Authority in Prayer - Part 3 of Fasting & Prayer 2016

Pastor Chad Holland shares about walking out the power and understanding of declaring prayer from an authoritative stand point.

Personal & Corporate Fasting - Part 2 of Prayer & Fasting 2016

Entering in our 2nd week of the Prayer & Fasting Series we get to focus on how fasting exposes and purifies the heart!

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Fasting often comes at desperate times.

Breakthrough Prayer

Ron Cantor brings an encouraging message of how we as children of God should approach him in Prayer through Faith, Persistence, and Fasting.

10 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Join with the King of Kings Community in Jerusalem for 10 Days of Prayer & Fasting from Rosh HaShanah until Yom Kippur (from evening Sept. 29th until evening Oct 9th). Check back daily for Prayer Focus of the day.

Change We Can Believe In - Fasting