Life of Surrender - Part 9 of 'New Covenant Life'

Concluding our New Covenant Life series Pastor Chad tackles the tough mindset of giving over our plans to what God has in store us.

The Big Ask - Part 7 of The Letters of John

Pastor Wayne Hilsden take us to a place in our, 'The Letters of John' series where we learn if we don't ask, we don't receive!

The Gift of His Presence - Week 1 in Shavuot - 2016

As the first week of our Shavuot series, Pastor Chad Holland shares with us the starting of God's presence with His people.

Miracle Moments - Part 4

Pastor Kurt shares on the life of Steven in the New Testament, who was stoned for his faith. He uses that moment of his life to share with us the message of miracle moments this past year.

The Virgin Birth - Part 3

Pastor Wayne teaches on the miracle of the virgin birth of Yeshua as the son of God during this miracle month.

Chanukkah Miracle and more - Part 1

Pastor Chad talks about how Chanukkah is relevant for us as believers today.

Abraham the Father of our Faith - Cloud of Witnesses - Part 6

Bringing light to Abraham's faith and how we can be encouraged to have a deeper faith through his foundational example.

Leah’s Faith - Cloud of Witnesses - Part 5

One person's perseverance and faith can change the course of history even if you don't see the fruit instantly. Speaker Steve Herzog shows us how Leah's faith is the best example for this.

How Is Your Credit - Cloud of Witnesses - Part 4

The man Noah shows us how we can further our growth in faith as we look at his journey with our Messiah Yeshua.

Samuel’s Faith - Cloud of Witnesses - Part 2

Continuing in the Cloud of Witnesses series, Pastor Kurt shows us how Samuel's faith and trust in the Lord is one to look at for when we are in need.