“King of Kings Community is called to be a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community that reveals the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and the nations.”- Our Vision
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Another new addition to our team is Susan Perry. Susan has joined our team to …
by Viivi Nuoraho
in News
Nov 14th, 2012
On Sunday, Oct 5th, DST ends - 2am becomes 1am. Also, worship services will be …
in News Oct 3rd, 2008
It started off as a simple idea. It grew into a conviction that it was …
by Ann Hilsden
in News
Jun 8th, 2007
While Israel celebrated its 59th birthday this April, our community joined in and headed up …
by Veikko Nuoraho
in News
May 6th, 2007
One of the many cultural interests in Israeli society is classical music and the arts. …
by Emily Schiavi
in News
May 6th, 2007
King of Kings Ministries is adding another event to the calendar of all those pilgrimages …
King of Kings Ministries is adding another event to the calendar of all those pilgrimages …
by Veikko Nuoraho
in News
Apr 8th, 2007
Shir1 (One Song) is a national Hebrew worship gathering for the emerging generation of Israeli …
by Jess Cantelon
in News
Mar 1st, 2007
Starting this Thursday at 6pm (GMT +2), we will be dedicating the Pavilion Prayer Tower …
in News May 30th, 2006

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