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Wonderful Women’s Conference!

One of the amazing things about this women's conference was how the worship times and messages supported and dovetailed into one another.  Our three speakers from the USA and five from within Israel were as one voice with words from God woven into a strong tapestry of encouragement, conviction,…

Ray Hughes - Releasing the Sound in Jerusalem Prayer Tower

While on an intercession tour here in Israel, Ray and Denise Hughes (Selah Ministries) including their tour group of 47 were special guests of the Jerusalem Prayer Tower on Thursday evening, October 21st. Brian and Ramey Whalen (Ray's daughter and son-in-law) and Alistar and Ryan from YWAM in Hawaii led…

Prayer Tower Rosh Hashanah (Yom Teruah)

Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Civil New Year where the Hebraic calendar shifts into the year 5771. The numbering of the months of the year begin in Exodus 12:2 when the Lord on the tenth day of the first month led the Israelites out of Egypt to form them as…

God - Working in the Life of Man

Can you handle that?

Jerusalem… A City of Refuge

“The Lord has established Zion, and in her his afflicted people will find refuge.” Isaiah 14:32 Jerusalem (Zion) is the wealthiest of all cities. How is that? Because Zion is the city that “God has established…” (Isaiah 14:32). Jerusalem, Zion is a God-elected, God-decreed, God-created, God-protected, and…

The Real Time

Please note: In October of 2004, Pastor Wayne had a unique experience with his wristwatch, where he felt God speaking to Him about the times we are living in. He shared his experience with our congregation, but as the report began to spread, certain inaccuracies crept in. Here is what he…

Jeremiah’s Field of Dreams

These are difficult days for Israel. And these are also difficult days for those of us who say we are friends of Israel.

Replacement Theology

As we observe the enduring existence of Israel we have reason to rejoice. Just as God continues to be faithful to His covenant people Israel, He will also be faithful to those who are grafted into Israel by faith in Israel’s Messiah, Yeshua.

The Prophet Like Moses

Many prophecies of the coming Messiah in the book of Deuteronomy point to Yeshua. But the prophetic promise found in 18:15-19 stands out like bright sunlight on a shadowy landscape…

The Blessing of Bringing Home God’s Chosen People