“King of Kings Community is called to be a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community that reveals the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and the nations.”- Our Vision

Wayne Hilsden

Senior Pastor, King of Kings Community Jerusalem

Wayne Hilsden

Pastor Wayne, a resident of Jerusalem since 1983, gives leadership and oversight to the King of Kings Ministry team. In addition to preaching regularly in Jerusalem, he travels the world sharing with the nations about the restoration of Israel.

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Torah Portion
Wayne Hilsden continues part three of our sermon series on Servanthood, highlighting how the Bible asks us to …
in Sermons Aug 31st, 2014
Pastor Wayne preaches a timely message about the spiritual battle being waged in our world today about the …
in Sermons Aug 10th, 2014
Pastor Wayne brings us this timely Word on how to trust God in the midst of terror attacks …
in Sermons Aug 3rd, 2014
Pastor Wayne focuses on marriage and the family in this two-part message from Jerusalem. Recorded on July 6th, …
in Sermons Jul 6th, 2014
Pastor Wayne unveils the new Anchor of Hope Counseling Center and explains from Isaiah 61 how the heart …
in Sermons Jun 29th, 2014
In part 2 of this sermon series, Pastor Wayne unfolds the significance and role that the Jewish people …
in Sermons Jun 15th, 2014
Pastor Wayne speaks a timely message on Pentecost Sunday about the pouring out of the Holy Spirit and …
in Sermons Jun 8th, 2014
Pastor Wayne unfolds the significance and role that the Jewish people have in our faith. Why did Paul …
in Sermons Jun 1st, 2014
Pastor Wayne shares about making Kingdom Partnerships in our life. God hasn't called the church to unity just …
in Sermons May 18th, 2014
Pastor Wayne shares how to pass the tests of life and graduate with honors. Our goal shouldn't be …
in Sermons May 11th, 2014
The cost of living continues to rise, but so should our faith to meet those challenges. Pastor Wayne …
in Sermons May 4th, 2014
Pastor Wayne finishes the series on the Tabernacle with the Holy of Holies. We find out about how …
in Sermons Apr 27th, 2014
Pastor Wayne expounds on the hope we have in the Resurrection of Yeshua. The hope we have in …
in Sermons Apr 20th, 2014
Pastor Wayne continues the series on The Tabernacle this week with the Curtain dividing the Holy Place from …
in Sermons Mar 23rd, 2014
Pastor Wayne continues the series on The Tabernacle this week with the Altar of Incense. In many ways …
in Sermons Mar 16th, 2014
Pastor Wayne Continues his series on the Tabernacle with the Menorah. We learn that as the priests needed …
in Sermons Mar 9th, 2014
Pastor Wayne continues the series on The Tabernacle focusing on the Table of Showbread. This week we dig …
in Sermons Feb 2nd, 2014
Pastor Wayne continues the series on the Tabernacle with the Bronze Laver. As the priests washed in the …
in Sermons Jan 26th, 2014
Continuing the series on the Tabernacle, Pastor Wayne teaches on the various sacrifices given on the Brazen Altar, …
in Sermons Jan 19th, 2014
Pastor Wayne teaches us how to sharpen our vision and see the Lord in a better way. Recorded …
in Sermons Dec 29th, 2013
Pastor Wayne takes a deeper look into King David's life and what attitude he had when Saul tried …
in Sermons Nov 24th, 2013
Pastor Wayne continues his series on how the body of Christ can work together and get along with …
in Sermons Nov 10th, 2013
Wayne speaks about how to get along with one another.
in Sermons Nov 3rd, 2013
Holy People Taking Holy Ground is a sermon where Wayne Hilsden reveals three key steps to overcome the …
in Sermons Oct 27th, 2013
Learn more about being a holy people.
in Sermons Oct 13th, 2013
Our call to answer the Lord and move forward with His direction.
in Sermons Sep 8th, 2013
Part 2 of the series “Bless and Be Blessed” touches on the potential dangers of not blessing Israel, …
in Sermons Aug 19th, 2013
The importance of blessing Israel and being a true witness.
in Sermons Aug 11th, 2013
Moses struck the rock in Numbers 20 and because of his disobedience to God’s instruction he was held …
in Sermons Aug 4th, 2013
Pastor Wayne teaches on the Life of the apostle Paul, a life lived fully for God is a …
in Sermons Jul 21st, 2013
Pastor Wayne teaches on counting the cost of your battle through SWOT - (Strengths Weakness Opportunities and Threats) …
in Sermons Jul 15th, 2013
in Sermons Jul 7th, 2013
in Sermons Jun 30th, 2013
Paul gave this command in Ephesians 4:29: “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but …
in Articles Jun 24th, 2013
in Sermons Jun 23rd, 2013
in Sermons Jun 9th, 2013
In the collection of Jewish writings called the Midrash Rabbah an interesting story is told. Rabbi Simeon Gamaliel …
in Articles Jun 4th, 2013
in Sermons May 26th, 2013
in Sermons May 19th, 2013
My last post was “7 reasons you really need to visit Israel, especially if you’re a pastor …
in Articles May 12th, 2013
In the past few months I had the privilege to help launch a new initiative, called “Firstfruits.” The …
in Articles May 8th, 2013
in Sermons May 5th, 2013
Ann and I have pastored in Jerusalem for 30 years. We co-founded King of Kings in 1983, and …
in Articles May 2nd, 2013
in Sermons Apr 28th, 2013
Whether black gold or fine gold, to realize its full worth, you have to dig for it. It’s the same way with …
in Articles Apr 28th, 2013
Have you ever met a generous person you didn’t like? Generous people are attractive.Generous souls are relaxed when …
in Articles Apr 19th, 2013
An 8-week series, join us on Sunday evenings at 5pm or online at http://new.livestream.com/kkcj/ to follow along! …
in Sermons Apr 7th, 2013
If you don’t take the time to get alone with God in the solitary place you risk physical …
in Articles Apr 4th, 2013
in Sermons Mar 31st, 2013
in Sermons Mar 17th, 2013

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