The Pavilion is located on Level P1 of the Clal Building, 97 Jaffa Rd., Jerusalem, directly opposite the Davidka station of Jerusalem's Light Rail line.

The Davidka Square across Jaffa Road as seen from the Clal Building

Along Jaffa Road is the well-known Davidka square, the location of the homemade, yet famous Davidka mortar launcher from Israel’s War of Independance in 1948. This mortar reportedly made so much noise that the Arab armies thought Israel had employed an atomic device.

The Clal Building is at 97 Jaffa Road, which is directly across the road from the Davidka square and the Jerusalem Light Rail Davidka station. There are multiple pedestrian entrances along 3 sides of the building, each one manned by a security guard. Don't worry, you don't need a special pass to get in the building – the security guards will simply have you walk through a metal detector and check your bag, which is standard procedure when entering many public buildings in Israel.

A view inside the Clal Building, showing the balconies and stores arranged around an open central area

Once you enter the Clal Building, finding The Pavilion is easy. From any of the entrances, simply go forwards toward the center of the building, where there is a large, multi-level open area surrounded by balconies, interconnecting stairways, and stores.

For wheelchair access to the Pavilion, enter the Clal Building via the right-most entrance along Jaffa Road. Once inside, take the first right and proceed along the corridor to find a bank of 6 elevators. Take any of them down to P1. When you exit on P1, turn right down the corridor and you will see the Jerusalem stone outer wall of the Pavilion ahead of you. When you reach that wall, turn right and proceed down the corridor until you reach the main entrance of the Pavilion on your left.

The main entrance of The Pavilion

Proceed down the stairways to the bottom floor of this area, where you will immediately see the front doors of The Pavilion.

Our offices are located on the 9th floor of the Clal Building, suite #905. Our office number is +972-2-625-1899.

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