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Join us at

The Pavilion
Clal Building, Level P1
97 Jaffa Road
Jerusalem, Israel

Upcoming Events

Come Dance with Me - Dance Community Group

Location: Dance Studio, Celebration Center- Clal Building

For information on how to connect with our community group leaders, please contact the King of Kings office at 02-625-1899 or by e-mailing us at kkcj@kkcj.org.

Hebrew Congregation

Location: Celebration Hall (half a floor up from the Pavilion), Level P1, Clal Building, 97 Jaffa St.

News & Articles

Creating a Win-Win Marriage

Jan 5th, 2017
News from Anchor of Hope
This course will include discussion, teaching and a video series from the American Association of Christian Counselors.  All teachers are from top Christian psychologists in their field, facilitated by Katherine Snyder, PhD.New Topics include:Love on the Rocks:…

Don’t Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Nov 14th, 2016
Article from Anchor of Hope

Did you know everybody’s has at least one pair of emotional “blue suede shoes”?  You’ll know when someone is stepping on them, because you’ll usually over react.

Recent Sermons

A Life of Service Part 2 of 'New Covenant Life'

Jan 8th, 2017
As one of our dear Pastors lasts sermons, Kurt Vetterling brings us a message that touches our hearts with what it means to serve but ultimately how it brings us closer to Yeshua!