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Join us at

The Pavilion
Clal Building, Level P1
97 Jaffa Road
Jerusalem, Israel

Upcoming Events

Krovim l’Omek (Going Deeper into Hebrew)

Location: Arnona, Korei Ha Dorot 35, apt. 5 2nd floor (Gilie's apt.)

Mishpachti - family style.

Hebrew speaking, discussing the Word with its application with prayer and worship. All ages welcome.

Shalom Zion Community Group

Location: Mevaseret Zion

A group setting for spiritual growth and relationship building with openness for outreach to others.

News & Articles

12-step recovery groups open!

Jul 2nd, 2017
News from Anchor of Hope
Why struggle alone?  We offered 12-step support groups for both men and women.  For men battling pornography, there's a group in Hebrew on Tuesday evenings at 6pm and one in English on Friday afternoons at 1pm.  …

Peace in the Storm

Mar 8th, 2017
Article from Anchor of Hope

It’s been said we are either going into a storm, in one, or coming out the other side.  How can we find peace when the waves pound against our boat?

Recent Sermons

Take Them Out Part 1 of 'Rescue'

Jul 16th, 2017
Pastor Chad tells us about the urgency of Jude’s writing and the importance of rescuing others without becoming the rescuee.